Temperature and community stability: a microcosm experimental platform

Warming and Co-existance

Although researchers often predict species abundances and traits based on direct physiological responses to environments, theory suggests that striking shifts in community composition could arise if climate alters species interactions. The doctoral researcher will test how temperature effects on species traits and interactions influence community stability using microbial model food webs.

This project is led by Antonis Chatzinotas and reflects a collaboration between empiricists and theoreticians (Collaborators: Suzanne Dunker, Stanley Harpole, Jes Hines, Ellen Latz, Bjorn Rall). For the project announcement and application instructions see position announcement .

Applicants with experience in microbial microcosms, genomics, stoichiometry, or co-existence theory will receive top consideration. Please contact Antonis Chatzinotas for further information.